Longevity in the workplace has all but become a thing of the past for many businesses. But not at Gonnella Baking Company. The bakery recently celebrated the anniversaries of 45 employees who have put in 10 or more years of service—including 13 who have worked at Gonnella for two to three decades.

“For more than 130 years, Gonnella has been making a difference not only in the business community but also in the lives of the many employees who have found success here,” said Tom Marcucci, Gonnella’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It’s an honor to share our family values and history with all of them. They have been essential to our continued growth.”

Gonnella has been designing original breads and rolls with legendary quality since its inception in 1886. But this long history of baking breads is not just the story of the Gonnella family…it also is the story of the individuals who devoted much of their professional careers to help shape the company into what it is today. Still family owned and operated, Gonnella now employs more than 600 people including 34 family members as part of its workforce.

Every year, Gonnella recognizes various milestones, from new operational breakthroughs to record-breaking sales. One of the most celebrated is the anniversary of long-term employees. In 2017, they hold positions that range from maintenance and sanitation to bakers and quality control, from shipping and packing to sales and operations…and even plant manager and sales manager.

“We are proud and grateful for the commitment and dedication of everyone, but especially those who have been a part of the Gonnella business family for 10 years or more,” said Marcucci. “We’re pleased to share such a remarkable moment and wish them our deepest appreciation and warmest congratulations.”