Anchor Packaging, Inc. announces the addition of the new Embraceable oval platter and dome lid to the MicroRaves line of high heat polypropylene products.

The new 11” x 8” black, oval platter was designed with a locator ring in the bottom to hold a standard 8 ounce paper food container. This popular serving size is used for chili, soups, oatmeal, grits, mac & cheese, and many other items that often accompany a main dish, sandwich or salad.  It is no longer necessary to lid both the 8 ounce side and the main course.   

Simply place the paper container into the platter and add the new Embraceable dome lid with the ring formed into the top to cover the paper container and seal the platter.


The clear, anti-fog, vented PP lid keeps food looking fresh and appealing while eliminating order errors due to lack of visibility.  The dome lid holds the paper container in place and helps to keep dense and solid foods inside the paper container.  The closure design for the platter and dome is leak resistant to prevent messy spills and provide a secure lid fit while in transit.

Both base and dome work well for hot foods held under heat lamps, chilled ready-to-heat meals in the microwave, and for assorted cold food applications.  The strong and durable, cut-resistant black PP bases withstand temperatures up to 230°F.  Bases are made with renewable mineral additives reducing the use of petroleum based resin up to 40% joining other products in Anchor’s Nature’s Best line of sustainable products.