WyckWyre and Criteria Corp have announced the integration of Criteria Corp's HireSelect assessments into WyckWyre's food and hospitality online hiring systems. The implementation will seamlessly integrate personality, aptitude and skill assessment test screening into WyckWyre's application process.

The integration of HireSelect's assessments gives WyckWyre's customers the option to add position-specific assessments to their online applications. Customers will then be able to reap the benefits of additional pre-screening ranging from personality assessments to sales achievement predictions for critical sales positions such as servers.

The predictive nature of the assessments measure the fit of the applicant to the job he or she is applying for. HireSelect has a full portfolio of scientific tests for various levels of food and hospitality industry employees, ranging from entry-level to executive management.

HireSelect's test development is directed by its scientific advisory board, which includes some of the world's leading experts in statistics, psychometrics, cognitive psychology and applied testing.

"Hiring and retaining talent is a key priority for restaurants, and we're delighted that the implementation of HireSelect within the WyckWyre online hiring systems will assist in empowering restaurants to make great hiring decisions," Tennyson Collins, Vice President of Sales for Criteria Corp, said.

WyckWyre's Customer Success Specialists will work with its customers to create unique HireSelect test packages for positions. Customers will be able to choose an unlimited amount of testing for a flat, monthly rate per location. The complete integration of the HireSelect program in the WyckWyre online recruiting systems provides immediately test results for the employer.

"Using the powerful HireSelect software is going to be a huge value-add for our customers," Lisa DiVirgilio, Vice President of WyckWyre, said. "The configurable assessments coupled with WyckWyre's unique virtual interview process is revolutionary for our industry. Many food or hospitality employers rely on one or the other during their pre-screening process. Now, WyckWyre's system combines both."

WyckWyre is the food and hospitality-specific HR tool that advertising positions, pre-screens candidates and stores all data for employers. WyckWyre works with many national brands, including Wendy's, Chili's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Subway, Popeye's, Smashburger, Noodles & Company, Holiday Inn and more.

To learn more about WyckWyre, visit www.wyckwyre.com.