OTG announced the launch of its language support platform which allows international travelers to easily communicate, order chef-inspired food, check their flight status and much more in their native language – transforming international travel by making them feel at home. The language support feature is now available to travelers at Fetta Panini Bar and Heirloom Bakery Café inside Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Travelers can set the iPads to any one of the 12 languages to help ease the stress of traveling away from their native countries.

With this feature, OTG continues to redefine the traveler's experience inside the airport by catering to individual needs. OTG is breaking one of the most common barriers in travel – language – by allowing travelers from around the world to communicate and enjoy the company's amenities in their native language. By Q2 of this year, OTG will accommodate more than 20 languages across its fleet of iPad deployments, and continue to roll out its support for international travelers by next deploying this feature in the United States at Delta LaGuardia and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airports.

"Travelers are now empowered to order food and check flight status in their native language," said Rick Blatstein, chief executive officer of OTG. "We've created a language support system as part of OTG's global vision of reinventing the airport experience. This is the first time such a multi-language support platform has been deployed at any airport. This allows us to interact with our customers in the language they are most comfortable with."

For international travelers, this means another level of comfort. The experience starts when a customer sits down in front of a new iPad at one of OTG's chef-driven restaurants or gate seating areas. From there, the individual can order meals through an intuitive visual menu that can be easily converted to one of 12 languages, which include Chinese, Japanese, German, English, Hebrew, Greek, French, Hindi, Italian, Arabic, Korean and Spanish. Food orders are then prepared fresh, and delivered to the customer's seat in 15 minutes or less.

OTG's new chef-driven restaurants and redesigned gates are located in major airports, including LaGuardia, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and now Toronto Pearson International Airport, and are dramatically improving the airport experience by putting the latest consumer technology at traveler's fingertips for free.

OTG (www.otgmanagement.com) is an award-winning airport food & beverage operator with more than 175 restaurants and retail boutiques in 10 airports, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, Toronto Pearson (2012), Boston Logan, Tucson, Washington National, Orlando, Chicago O'Hare and Philadelphia.