Liberte yogurt and Megan Ketover, head pastry chef at Hilton Cincinnati's Orchids at Palm Court and Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts "cheftestant," are partnering to introduce Liberte yogurt to Cincinnatians in a creative way. Ketover is developing a variety of unique dessert pairings using Liberte yogurt and other local flavors. Chef Ketover's innovative style and skill complement Liberte's dedication to crafting delicious yogurt with simple and quality ingredients.

Liberte uses a blend of cultures to create two smooth, creamy varieties and several delicious flavors. Mediterranee is Liberte's signature, whole-milk yogurt available in seven delectable flavors. Liberte Greek is a fat-free delight with a clean, fresh-dairy taste and offers six flavors to sample.

"The art of pastry is all about technique and having an appreciation for the method behind making a quality dessert," says Chef Ketover. "The pairings I am creating with Liberte are a fun twist on classic food that taste as good as they look! The yogurt really helps create the perfect balance of flavor and texture."

Liberte yogurt has a legacy of artisanship and a history as rich as its yogurt. Liberte began in Montreal, started by the Kaporovsky family in 1936, and has since made its way to the US, gaining acceptance and recognition from yogurt lovers and foodies from coast to coast. Recently introduced to the Cincinnati area, Liberte continues to stay true to its roots of excellence and distinction, producing a delicious yogurt with simple ingredients, notable flavors and a clean, pure finish.

"Liberte is dedicated to quality products and innovation," says Maggie Watson, associate marketing manager for Liberte. "We're thrilled Megan Ketover is taking Liberte to a new level with her delicious pastry pairings."