Crumbs Bake Shop, with 63 locations across the US, is among a number of retail bakeries planning to celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Day on Feb. 8.

“Stay tuned to see what happens when Girl Scout Cookies and cupcakes get together,” Crumbs publicist Quinn Solomon wrote in a Feb. 5 email, as a teaser about their promotional plans.

Girl Scouts of the USA named Feb. 8 as National Girl Scout Cookie Day. Girls will be asking 50 million cookie fans across the nation to buy or order more boxes in honor of their success in running the largest girl-led business enterprise in the world.

"Everyone knows how tasty Girl Scout cookies are, but many customers don't realize that they're also helping girls build money management and people skills," said Girl Scouts of the USA chief executive officer Anna Maria Chavez. "The girl who sells you Thin Mints today may be running a business, reversing the deficit, and improving your community within a matter of years. Just ask our 59 million Girl Scout alumnae, including 70 percent of the women now serving as U.S. senators."

Olivia Ottenfeld, a Girl Scout from Chicago, Illinois, has a column in HUFFPOST TEEN titled, The Impact of Selling Girl Scout Cookies. "You could say that Girl Scouts is grooming me for my future," says Ottenfeld. "I've been a Girl Scout for 10 years, and during this time I have met several older former Girl Scouts who all say their success was greatly due to their Girl Scout background and experiences."
"By selling cookies, I have been able to work on my decision-making skills, which definitely were not the best (and are still a work in progress)," continues Ottenfeld. "Plus, my people skills have gotten a lot better. Nowadays, I feel as though I can approach anyone and ask if they are interested in buying cookies. That's the thing: the Girl Scout Cookie Program is not really about the cookies, but about all of the life skills girls learn as part of the program. Many people don't really understand that. That's why we're launching National Girl Scout Cookie Day on February 8."