Ann Clark LTD, an American manufacturer of cookie cutters, brings their 6 new varieties of sturdy, tin cookie cutters.

The Made In America Store has brought 100% US manufactured products since their opening in April of 2010.

Two of the new cookie cutters, the Easter Egg and the Flower, come in two pieces to make more involved looking cookies. The Easter Egg comes in one big egg shape and a smaller chick shape. The Flower cookie cutter comes in a big flower shape and a smaller flower shape. Other shapes in the new set include a Football, a Hammer, a Saw, a Clover and a Bunny.

The Made In America Store carried 15 different cookie cutters from Ann Clark LTD before bringing in the six new shapes. Shapes included a Moose, Butterfly, Mountain Bear, Christmas Tree, Maple Leaf, Gingerbread Boy, Snowflake, Snowman, Star, Heart, Bell, Candy Cane, Dog Bone, Pink Ribbon, Reindeer, Buffalo, Santa, Christmas Ornament, Angel and a Turkey.

Customers can visit / or call 716-652-4872 to get more information.