The Food Channel ( has released its 2013 prediction of food trends. They include the use of crowdsourcing to introduce new food products, smoked meats, the new “Supermarket Concierge,” and the reinvention of brunch. “Year after year we look back and see how our trends spotted something two, even three years early,” says Editor in Chief Kay Logsdon.

The Food Channel has also announced new talent and a wider distribution network for its online programming. The new shows include:

Chef Billy Parisi makes everyday food restaurant chic in his new show, Next Level. He makes complicated recipes easy, and will get you in and out of your kitchen with a dinner to dish about and time to spare.

Ivor Peters, “The Urban Rajah” warms you with fragrant, savory dishes that will leave a smile on your face and sweat on your brow.

News Canada offers a collection of videos that help you tackle food challenges, whether it’s getting your kids to eat healthier or creating smarter snacks for yourself.