The evolution of cake decorating has taken the art form to new levels. From three dimensional sculptures to airbrushed scenes and portraits, these works of art transcend the traditional bakery field and represent a true fine-art medium. Along with the new art form has come a new type of decorator.

When looking for an artistic cake decorator who can keep your bakery competitive, bakery owners and managers must prepare themselves for the personality types that sometimes go along with very creative people. Pink hair, full-sleeve tattoos and piercings that go beyond the ears are the trademark look of generation Y artists.

Along with their fashions, employers need to understand that generation Y workers need different management techniques than their baby boomer and generation X employees. The younger generation needs a more nurturing work environment and more praise than the average employee from the generations past. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just different.

The younger generation of workers have and amazing amount of skill and creativity. One only needs to work at understanding and bringing these attributes to the service. Cater your management style to the individual employee and see their potential come to fruition.