Although it may not seem obvious, cake decorators and graffiti artists have something in common besides the fact that they both create art. The cake decorator and graffiti artist both create works that sooner or later will be gone forever. The cake decorator’s gets eaten, and the graffiti artist’s gets covered up. Both mediums can get locked into a style as well, and while graffiti artists might fancy themselves a bit too rugged and urban to take on the style of cake decoration, the cake decorator can certainly broaden their style range by taking inspiration from graffiti.

Cans of spray paint serve as the number one tool for the graffiti artist, but for mediums other than an exterior wall or the side of a subway train, the graffiti artist often utilizes an airbrush. Many cake decorators already use, or have used, an airbrush to decorate their cakes. The trick is to use the airbrush in a way that makes the decoration look like graffiti.

Look around the city you live in and take note of the styles the graffiti artist uses. Practice on paper towels to get your design worked out before you paint on a cake and make your own custom stencils for future use. Spraying with the nozzle at a 45° angle will produce broad, softer lines. Hold the nozzle at a 90° angle for a sharper, more defined line. Darken colors by retracing them with the airbrush. For purists, there are spray cans available for cake decorating.

Airbrushing and spray cans for cake decorating are great ways to decorate icing or fondant covered cakes.