Since 1938, National Donut Day has commemorated the spirit of sharing and caring. The tradition lives on today as retail bakeries and many others celebrate generosity and brings you resources to help spread the love. This year, National Donut Day falls on Friday, June 7.

Dawn Foods, a global leader in bakery ingredients, is gearing up to celebrate National Donut Day by offering tailored support for professional bakers. With the donut market poised for significant growth, Dawn Foods is on a mission to empower bakeries with resources and strategies to use the occasion to amplify customer engagement and build lasting loyalty.

Recent market insights highlight the substantial growth potential of donuts. Technomic forecasts an increase of 6% to 7% in the coming years, driven by a variety of factors including the emergence of innovative sweet baked goods trends and the expanding role of donuts beyond traditional morning fare, extending into afternoon indulgences and snacking occasions. Dawn’s own proprietary research reveals that 46% of donut purchasers buy at least a dozen at a time, indicating robust consumer demand.

"Donuts are experiencing a significant surge in popularity, presenting bakeries with a delicious opportunity to not only drive sales but also forge lasting connections with customers," said Anne Marie Halfmann, director of commercial marketing at Dawn Foods. "As the demand for donuts continues to rise, National Donut Day offers businesses a prime opportunity to showcase their creative offerings and attract new customers through enticing treats."

As part of its dedication to bakery success, Dawn offers an extensive range of high-quality donut mixes, icings, glazes, fillings, and packaging solutions that meet the evolving preferences of consumers. Furthermore, Dawn’s instructional how-to videos and troubleshooting manuals help bakers consistently create irresistible donuts that delight their customers.

"At Dawn Foods, our support of bakers extends beyond providing exceptional donut products; we offer comprehensive marketing support, innovative social media strategies, and delicious recipes to empower bakeries not just on National Donut Day, but every day of the year.”

Quick Tips

There’s no shortage of ways to make National Donut Day special, but consider some of these ideas from BakeMark for an even more memorable occasion:

  • Decoration station - Consider setting up a space where customers can customize their own donuts with various toppings, icings, and sprinkles. If you use blank boxes, put out crayons and markers for childrend to decorate them.
  • Limited edition donut bundles - Create special National Donut Day themed boxes featuring a variety of your best-selling donuts and offer them at a discounted price or as a gift with purchase to encourage larger orders. Giving customers a quick, grab-and-go option keeps things running smoothly on a busy day at your bakery.
  • Social media contests - Host a social media contest in which you ask customers to share their favorite donut memories, photos, or drawings for a chance to win a variety of prizes. Announce the grand prize winner on National Donut Day.
  • Donut sampling - Consider offering samples of your signature donuts outside your bakery or in a high-traffic area inside to entice customers and showcase the quality of your products.