Subway has announced the return of Honey Oat Bread and Creamy Sriracha sauce to restaurants nationwide. Subway also revealed a new Miss Vickie’s chip flavor inspired by Subway’s signature Baja Chipotle sauce.

Honey Oat Bread is back on the menu for a limited time only after a four-year hiatus. The hearty multigrain bread is rolled in Subway’s signature honey oat topping to add a touch of sweet and earthy flavor to any sub.

Subway’s popular Creamy Sriracha sauce is now a permanent part of its menu. Previously available in select restaurants only, Creamy Sriracha is Subway’s spiciest sauce, combining familiar red chili flavor with a creamy texture.

Miss Vickie’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are available exclusively at Subway restaurants across the country. Miss Vickie’s Baja Chipotle flavored chips combine the signature crunch with the bold smoke and spice that made Subway’s Baja Chipotle one of its most popular and iconic sauces.

“These latest upgrades to Subway's menu will delight any sandwich lover craving something with bold and unique flavor, whether it's light and sweet or bringing the heat,” says Paul Fabre, senior vice president of culinary and innovation at Subway. “While our fans know and love our Honey Oat Bread and Creamy Sriracha sauce, I can’t wait for them to see how we reimagined our signature Baja Chipotle Sauce in our partnership with Miss Vickie's.”