Great Harvest Bread has announced that its National Bread Challenge will return for its second year this November.

This “bread exchange” encourages customers to bring in an unopened loaf of store-bought bread from home and receive a free, hand-made loaf of any Great Harvest Bread. Participating locations nationwide will make these exchanges from November 3-11.

As a charitable bonus, all bread not sold by Great Harvest within 24 hours will be donated to local food banks and charities, along with every loaf of trade-in bread. The company is looking to bring more focus on freshly milled flour and to give new customers a look at a practice Great Harvest has used since 1976.

“We had tremendous turnouts and responses for the National Bread Challenge last year and we knew we had to bring it back again this year,” says Great Harvest Bread Company CEO Mike Ferretti. “Our milling process is what sets our bread apart from the processed food that people have unfortunately gotten used to. We mill flour from fresh wheat berry every day and use pure, simple ingredients without nitrates or preservatives. Our breads not only taste better but they are also better for you.”

Great Harvest Bread says that it wants consumers to decide for themselves whether they want processed bread or fresh, hand-made bread. “We will once again put our money where your mouth is,” says company president Eric Keshin. “People are settling for processed bread and we know that once they taste our bread, they won't go back.”