Sugar art can prove to be engaging entertainment. Take the Sugar Factory, for example.

Sugar Factory American Brasserie, a leading eatery and celebrity hotspot, hosted a grand opening at their newest location at Boston's Quincy Market on January 19. The grand opening was hosted by DJ and Influencer Chantel Jeffries, who stepped behind the DJ booth for a night filled with great music, electric energy, and an abundance of sweet treats. The celebrity-endorsed, world-famous celebration destination known for its sweets and treats opened its doors at 100 South Market Building, Quincy Market, Units 100-134. This location is an exciting and unforgettable dining experience, featuring unique menu items, indoor and outdoor seating, the famed 'Pink Room,' captivating decor, legendary desserts, and Sugar Factory's signature retail store, boasting hundreds of candy options.

Spanning 11,836 square feet over two floors, the venue includes a 124-seat main dining area, the 'Pink Room,' offering both indoor and outdoor seating options. Floral detailing, heart-candy prints, neon signage, and twinkling lights complement the pink, cotton-candy-colored wallpaper. With plush pink booths and flowery chandeliers hanging overhead, this room is the perfect destination for special celebrations. The Pink Room offers a dedicated bar and capacity for 50 guests, two separate bar areas that seat 34 guests, and an outdoor café with seating for 48 people adjacent to the luxurious greenhouse dining space decorated with crystal chandeliers.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an Instagram-worthy floral wall with neon signage, marble stairs leading to the second-floor main dining room, a 360-degree marble bar, and the candy retail store where guests can choose from over 50 types of sweet treats and 150 different types on Sugar Factory's signature floor-to-ceiling candy wall.

The restaurant's elevated white marble bar seats provide full-menu service complete with Sugar Factory's signature, celebrity-endorsed smoking candy goblets served either with or without alcohol, including the Tasha Baby goblet and the new Pretty in Pink goblet, created by Kendall Jenner and Natti Natasha.

Sugar Factory's newest location features brunch, lunch, and dinner items from a scratch kitchen, including a host of specially created New England-influenced dishes. The brunch menu includes unique delights like Reese's Pieces Churro French Toast, topped with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups, whipped cream, and a drizzle of peanut butter and chocolate sauce, along with the S'mores Nutella Waffle, layered with Nutella, torched marshmallow fluff, Hershey bar pieces, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Sugar Factory's mouth-watering Iced Coffees are a perfect pairing and photo-worthy way to boost the day's caffeine. These cold-brew-based, lavishly decorated drinks are topped with waffles and available in a variety of flavors.

Dessert offerings include the signature Boston Cream Pie, featuring creamy custard, vanilla sponge cake, dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate shavings, and a rich chocolate ganache. Sugar Factory's over-the-top Milkshakes are lavishly decorated and served in chocolate-covered mugs. Favorites include the Giggles Snickers Milkshake with vanilla ice cream blended with caramel and peanuts, served in a chocolate caramel popcorn mug, topped with fried Oreos, gummy worms, peanuts, chocolate, and dulce de leche sauce, whipped cream, and a Snickers Bar; the Maple Grand Slam with vanilla ice cream, served in a white confetti mug, topped with silver dollar pancakes, mini waffles, crispy maple bacon, whipped cream, confetti, and maple syrup drizzle; or the Cookie Monster Milkshake with cookies and cream ice cream blended with vanilla sauce, topped with whipped cream, a blue glazed donut, a chocolate chip cookie, blue frosted cupcake with a birthday candle, and served in a chocolate covered mug with chocolate chip pieces.

Sugar Factory, named "The Most Instagrammed Restaurant in the United States" by Food & Wine Magazine, offers a sweet escape with locations throughout the world. The full-service restaurant, café and retail candy store can be found in New York City and Queens, New York; Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Dallas and San Antonio, Texas; Chicago and Rosemont, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Atlantic City and Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Dover, Delaware; Bloomington, Minnesota; Detroit, Michigan; Atlanta, Georgia; Biloxi, Mississippi; Glendale, Arizona; and Ledyard, Connecticut.