Dawn Foods Shares Strategies and New Product Innovations for Celebrating Chocolate

Chocolate. It’s one of the most ubiquitous ingredients in bakeries and restaurants around the world. People love it for more than its one-of-a-kind taste. It’s tied to our most special celebrations (holidays and anniversaries). And it’s seen as an everyday treat.

In fact, when it comes to baked goods, chocolate is the undisputed favorite. Chocolate buttercreme is the number one frosting flavor,1 and 89% of consumers are likely to buy a cake with chocolate buttercreme frosting on their next cake purchase.1

DAWN-0052_Secondaryimage2_Art2_635x635_01.jpgSource: Dawn FoodsWhat does this mean for your bakery? It means that chocolate, which is probably already a key part of your assortment, can play an even larger role in helping you boost sales and attract customers with more frequency. According to Nielsen Byzzer’s recent findings, chocolate has the potential to drive up to a 10% increase in dollar growth.

"The bakery market is always changing, but using ingredients that have lasting appeal — like chocolate — is a smart way to meet consumer cravings and drive business growth," said Allison Hornev, Sr. Director of Core Portfolio &Innovation at Dawn Foods.

Dawn Foods Unveils New European Style Chocolate Buttercreme

To help bakeries meet the demand for a delicious chocolate buttercreme, Dawn Foods recently introduced its new Dawn Exceptional® European Style Chocolate Buttercreme Style Icing. This new buttercreme style icing combines decadent ingredients and proven product features for an elevated consumer experience.

“Our new European Style Chocolate Buttecreme brings together attributes consumers want in a chocolate icing. It’s made with real cocoa, a fudgy texture and boasts a rich dark chocolate flavor,” Hornev added.

Beyond its taste appeal, the new buttercreme style icing also has exceptional taste and aroma. Additionally, it’s smooth enough for easy decorating while being firm enough to hold most designs. “It really brings together the best of both worlds — the taste qualities consumers want, and the functional benefits decorators need to create treats that stand out,” she said.

DAWN-0052_Secondaryimage_Art2_635x635_01.jpgSource: Dawn Foods

The European Style Chocolate Buttercreme Style Icing also comes in Dawn Foods’ new rounded square pail. This design is easier to open and close, requires less storage space, offers the perfect fit for scrapers and can be more efficiently stacked.

“The product itself offers a full range of benefits for our bakery customers, and when you combine those with the new rounded square pail, it’s truly a win-win for every area of operations,” she added.

Dawn Foods Makes It Easy To Get Started

Are you ready to make chocolate the star of your bakery case? Dawn Foods can help with their Chocolate Mania Inspiration Guide — full of recipes including Death by Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart and seasonal suggestions like the St. Paddy's Day Chocolate Mint Cupcake and the Big Game Chocolate Donuts. Access this inspiration and more information, recipes and video demos at dawnfoods.com/chocolate-mania.

[1] Dawn Foods Custom Research through Hanover Research, 2019 Q211