Subway is giving away limited-edition, portable Sidekick Safes to help fans keep their favorite new Footlong Cookies, Auntie Anne's Footlong Pretzels and Cinnabon Footlong Churros warm and safe. Since debuting last month, fans have devoured over 9 million Footlong Sidekicks, especially the Subway Footlong Cookie.

Subway fans can snag one of 100 limited-edition Sidekick Safes by visiting the special website between February 29 and March 2, uploading a photo of themselves enjoying their favorite Footlong Sidekick and entering to win. Subway will randomly select 100 lucky winners to receive a free Sidekicks Safe to protect their snacks.

Subway commissioned a team of engineers to develop a Sidekicks Safe prototype, which debuted at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, to help fans protect these coveted new menu items. Since then, this team of experts tweaked the design for a wider release. Each handcrafted, 39-inch Sidekick Safe includes three insulated footlong-sized storage units – one for each Footlong Sidekick – a keypad lock and a carrying strap for portable snack protection.