After months of demand, Subway announced the return of its Footlong Cookie to restaurants across the country. First unveiled in January and headlining Subway’s Sidekicks menu of footlong snacks, the Footlong Cookie is packed with gooey chocolate chips, served warm and available for $5.

According to a recent nationwide survey, the return of Subway’s Footlong Cookie is perking up Americans. Seventy percent of respondents said that eating a Footlong Cookie will brighten their day. Younger Americans felt even more uplifted by Subway’s footlong snacking news, with 75 percent of millennials and 77 percent of Gen Z respondents saying the return of the Footlong Cookie will brighten their day.

“The Footlong Cookie has delighted millions of Americans since their first bites in January, sparking unprecedented demand over the last several months,” says Paul Fabre, senior vice president of culinary and innovation at Subway. “Subway worked diligently to rush additional Footlong Cookie supply to satisfy cookie cravings at a great value and serve up a footlong dose of happiness this summer.”

Subway has sold more than five million Footlong Cookies since it joined the menu alongside the Cinnabon Footlong Churro and Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzel.