Hostess fans can now enjoy two of the brand’s most-loved snacks in one breakfast treat. The new Hostess HoneyBun Donettes incorporate the warm cinnamon and sweet vanilla glaze flavor of Hostess HoneyBuns with the soft, fluffy texture of Hostess Donettes.

“We know that snack lovers are increasingly seeking new flavor combinations, and the melding of distinct tastes and textures offers a unique snacking experience,” says Chris Balach, vice president, marketing, Sweet Baked Snacks at The J.M. Smucker Co. “The Hostess brand continues to lead in delivering mouthwatering innovations like HoneyBun Donettes that satisfy consumers’ cravings and bring joy not only to their breakfast routine, but throughout their day.”

This new mashup is only the second of its kind in recent Hostess snacking history. The HoneyBun Donettes taste combination comes off the success of last year’s Hostess Ding Dongs x Twinkies Mashups, which featured the spongy cake and signature crème filling of Twinkies covered in Ding Dongs fudgy chocolate frosting.

HoneyBun Donettes will debut at grocery retailers and convenience stores nationwide in early March and will be available in standard bagged packaging as well as a single-serve option.