To celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year, bakery chain Sprinkles is partnering with the Bruce Lee Foundation and Gold House to offer the Golden Dragon Bruce Lee Cupcake nationwide.

Inspired by the traditional almond cookies gifted during Lunar New Year and symbolic of the Year of the Dragon, this red velvet cupcake is swirled with slivered almonds on top of a buttery Twin Dragon almond cookie crust, topped with fragrant almond cream cheese frosting and features a dragon candy decoration. Both almonds and the color red are symbolic of good luck and fortune in Chinese culture.

The cupcakes are available for $6 at all bakeries nationwide and will be available from January 22 through February 11. Regardless of sales, Sprinkles is making an upfront donation to the Bruce Lee Foundation, supporting many of their programs dedicated to youth mental and physical health and wellness.

Additionally, Sprinkles is offering the Lunar New Year Box. Ideal for gifting, the box ($88) bundle includes 3 Gold Dragon Bruce Lee cupcakes, 3 Red Velvet, 3 Dark Chocolate and 3 Strawberry cupcakes finished with a custom Lunar New Year gift wrap. Enclosed are 8 Sprinkles x Bruce Lee x Gold House exclusive red envelopes traditionally gifted to loved ones during the holiday.

“Last year, our Lunar New Year cupcake had such a tremendous impact on our community of Sprinkles fans, who were overjoyed to see a major global holiday celebrated on our national platform,” says Michelle Wong, chief marketing officer at Sprinkles. “We are thrilled to team up with Gold House again this year and support the Bruce Lee Foundation, which is instilling the incredible teachings and virtues of Bruce Lee in America’s youth. As a Chinese American woman, I am honored to have Sprinkles continue to highlight these important cultural moments – of course, in the most delicious way!”

Since 2002, the Bruce Lee Foundation has created online and physical exhibits to educate people about Bruce Lee, provided financial assistance for students to attend college, supported educational programs and run the Camp Bruce Lee summer program for kids to practice Bruce Lee’s teachings.

“The Bruce Lee Foundation is thrilled to be collaborating with Sprinkles and Gold House this lunar new year for a limited edition Year of the Dragon cupcake,” says Shannon Lee, chief executive officer of the Bruce Lee Foundation. “Would Bruce Lee have eaten cupcakes you might ask? Well, YES! My father loved to celebrate and indulge in sweets from time to time! But beyond that, culturally and personally this partnership is extremely meaningful to us. We want to thank Sprinkles and Gold House for shining a light on the work of the Bruce Lee Foundation whose goal it is to pass on my father’s teachings and practices to our young people to create more resilient and empowered individuals and communities. We hope these cupcakes put a smile on your face and a dragon in your heart! Gung hay fat choy!”

“Food is a primary gateway to accessing new cultures while honoring our heritage and ancestors,” says Rose Yan, vice president of marketing for Gold House. “Gold House is excited to collaborate for a second year with Sprinkles Cupcakes to celebrate Lunar New Year. For the Year of the Dragon, we are honored to join forces with the Bruce Lee Foundation to create the Gold Dragon Cupcake to honor the indelible legacy of Bruce Lee and our joint commitment to honest self-expression in alignment with mind, body, and spirit.”