A social media campaign highlighting the benefits of grain-based foods in a “healthful and balanced diet,” has been launched by the Wheat Foods Council.

The group said the campaign was initiated Nov. 20 on Facebook and Instagram and was shaped by the recognition of changes in the health and fitness landscape and the “pivotal role nutrition plays in achieving optimal results” for consumers.

Targeted at fitness professionals and trainers, the WFC messages seek to share with this audience “evidence -based information on the nutritional and performance advantages of wheat foods, dispelling myths and fostering a deep understanding of their positive impact on energy, performance and overall wellbeing.”

Messages highlighted by the WFC in the campaign include promoting wheat foods as a “reliable and efficient source of energy,” and supporting fitness and performance goals. Wheat foods also check the box for consumers seeking plant-based sources of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, the WFC said. Additionally, the group is providing information about the optimal intake of carbohydrates for athletic performance and weight loss as well as information about wheat and digestive health.

“The Wheat Foods Council is committed to fostering a community of educated and informed fitness professionals who understand the crucial connection between nutrition with wheat foods and fitness,” the group said. “By harnessing the power of social media, the campaign seeks to create a dialogue, encourage knowledge-sharing, and inspire a paradigm shift in how the fitness industry views the role of wheat foods in a healthy lifestyle.”

The campaign may be followed on @wheatfoodscouncil. The WFC develops educational and nutritional programs for health, nutrition and fitness professionals, opinion leaders, the media, chefs and consumers.