Jay Jade, marketing manager, Dawn Portfolio, offers helpful tips for producing the best cakes. Dawn’s Exceptional® Baker’s Request™ Cake Mixes consistently deliver moist, high-quality cakes that can reduce waste (with no doming or tunneling), a differentiator from cakes from other bakeries. 

The Baker’s Request mix has a tight crumb structure, which retains moisture and delivers a better eating experience. It also lets the cakes bake flat with higher sidewalls for less waste and easy decorating.

“Making visually attractive cakes is just as important as the flavor,” Jade says. “This can be done by adding sprinkles, glitter, glazes and more to add the finishing touch to cakes.

Jade emphasizes that the most important thing for in-store bakeries to remember when using icing for decorating is finding the correct texture and consistency. For example, butter crème icings are formulated to be soft and pliable for piping while also holding design. Whipped icings have a creamy texture while giving a visual appeal. Flat icings are also a great solution for the labor challenges many instore bakeries are facing because of their time-saving ease of use.  

“As we lead into an incredibly busy time of year for bakeries, being able to get offerings easily and quickly in the case will be top of mind to capture the sale,” Jade explains. “Ready to use butter creme icings are a great way to save on labor versus mixing from scratch. Dawn’s butter crème icings give you the best of both worlds, being specially formulated to be soft and pliable to allow for piping and decorating while still being firm enough to hold designs.”