One of the most unique shopping experiences in the country can be discovered through the doors of Jungle Jim’s International Market, which features more than six acres of food under one roof. It’s not a supermarket, it’s a “zoo-permarket.” 

An international mecca, Jungle Jim’s – with stores in Fairfield, Ohio, and Eastgate, Ohio – offers thousands of imported and national brand groceries, including one full acre of produce (including organic and international). If it’s edible, you’ll find it here.

  • The Jungle Scene complete with waterfall and wildlife
  • The General Mills Big G Cereal Bowl Band perched on the S.S. Minnow
  • Singing Creatures
  • The Brain (a pesky know-it-all employee)
  • European gourmet village
  • The Cake Canopy

Featured cakes at Jungle Jim’s include the classic chocolate fudge cake, cheese fudge cake, opera cream torte, and inventive creations such as the mini Bundt cake trio from King’s Pastry, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

“Our pumpkin rolls, brownies, and cookies are made using Amish recipes, a wide variety of breads, pastries, and cakes make their way through our ovens, onto the shelves, and into your carts. Did you know that you can get made to order items from our bakery?” the staff at Jungle Jim’s shares. “They’re always willing to lend a helping hand and are ready to talk to you about your baked goods needs. Just follow the scent of our ovens!”

Local favorites

Another Ohio favorite is Dayton, Ohio-based Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) Bakery and Patisserie, where their bakers and pastry chefs use French-style butter and locally sourced organic eggs to craft the gourmet grocer’s DLM Classic Coffee Cakes, Pound Cake Loaves, and so much more.

Take DLM’s homemade coffee cakes for instance – “we bake each in a classic Bundt pan just so until the crust is perfectly caramelized, and the interior is moist yet dense. We think so highly of our pies, baked with an all-butter crust, that we lovingly named them after our owner's dear Grandma Tobias. So, send a hug with a homemade coffee cake or pie from the DLM Bakery!”

In addition, DLM features unique specialties like “the best Buckeyes that are handmade locally. They are a rich, sweet peanut butter confection enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache. Bet you can't eat just one! We also have some other classic Ohio treats such as Taste of Belgium Waffles and Killer Brownie®.”

Dorothy Lane Market is the official online store for Killer Brownie®. The Killer Brownie® Company is owned and operated by the same family as Dorothy Lane Market where Killer Brownie® has been featured as a signature bakery item for 40+ years. What started as one unforgettable fudgy, gooey, double-layered brownie nestled with pecans and velvety caramel – the Original – has grown into a robust offering of gourmet brownie flavors, including seasonal additions.