New Cottage Bakery Parbaked Artisan Focaccias from Rich Products provide QSRs and fast-casual restaurants with a delicious ready-to-bake bread option with limitless versatility. Available in two tantalizing flavors -- Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garlic Pesto -- Rich’s focaccia can serve as a sandwich carrier, topped appetizer, dippers, soup soakers, dessert or snack. Its convenient size (10” x 6.5” x 1.25") eases back-of-house constraints with one SKU that can be used in multiple applications. Both varieties are made with and topped with extra virgin olive oil, and the Garlic Pesto variety is packed with an Italian blend of herbs including garlic, basil, oregano, and parsley.

Focaccia is trending, with a 2.2% increase in one-year menu growth, and a total menu penetration of 6.4%, according to SNAP! Datassential, 2023. Both pesto and olive oil are consumer favorites, as they saw 28% menu penetration in 2022, and 72% of consumers said they love or like olive oil, according to the Menutrends Top Ingredients and Flavors Report. In addition, the Datassential 2023 Trends Report called focaccia “an underappreciated miracle bread” that offers “versatility and deliciousness.”

“Now QSRs can deliver hand crafted, fresh baked bread with the convenience of parbaked, going from the freezer to a customer’s order in minutes,”  explains Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager - Rich Products. “Versatile Cottage Bakery® Focaccia will enhance a QSR’s menu and set them apart as a destination with fresh-baked artisan quality.”

Baked with time-honored techniques and drenched in extra virgin olive oil, Rich’s premium Cottage Bakery focaccias deliver fresh fragrance, hand-crafted flavor, and a soft, airy, and moist texture. They’re made with an authentic slow-rising yeast dough, dimpled and topped with olive oil, and baked at a higher temperature than traditional bread for a delicious heartiness that elevates any eating experience.

Both Extra Virgin Olive Oil Focaccia and Garlic Pesto Focaccia meet Rich’s Superior Clean Label Guidelines with ingredients that restaurants and customers can feel good about. They restrict more than 70 sensitive ingredients such as artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour, MSG, and sorbates.

Cottage Bakery Focaccia is baked from frozen on demand, with no thawing, proofing or  extra handling required. QSRs can bake what they need, when they need it. The focaccias are 11.3 ounces, come 18 per case, and shelf life is 270 days frozen and 3 days ambient.