Milk Jar Cookies, a popular sweets destination based in Los Angeles that ships nationwide, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, the bakery has released a limited edition anniversary box including three new flavors or ‘Hidden Tracks’: Cardamom Creamsicle, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Cookies & Cream, and three of its ‘Greatest Hits’: Banana Split, Birthday Cookie, and Chocolate Chip.

Music has always been the secret ingredient to founder and owner Courtney Cowan’s baking sessions and is a huge inspiration to her creations, so Milk Jar Cookies wanted to honor that with its Greatest Hits, Hidden Tracks, and CD Booklet-inspired insert.

As a bonus, each box will contain a Milk Jar Cookies 'Be Kind Spread Joy' tote, the CD Booklet-inspired insert sharing the story of Milk Jar Cookies including the story behind each of the flavors in the box, 8 highlights, and a QR code for a playlist, special packaging (ribbon + confetti) and a prize (discounts + free items) with three boxes receiving Golden Tickets for a free cookie of the month club membership.

The box is available in ½ ($34) or 1 dozen ($56) for nationwide shipping, pickup or local delivery.