On Monday, September 25, Crumbl Cookies returned to the podcasting world on social media channels with the new weekly podcast, Crumbl Unboxed. The podcast features a weekly cookie review full of cookie sneak peeks, fun facts, and fan sentiment from the Crumbl Community.

Crumbl Unboxed, airing each Monday morning will be hosted by Kadee Jo Jones, who will be accompanied by a new and rotating co-host each week.

The first episode, hosted by Brelynn Bromely and Gabe Lopez, the podcast’s former hosts, rated the weekly flavors and mentioned, “We will continue to do cookie reviews every single week and give you a little inside sneak peek—maybe some fun facts about the cookies you didn’t know.”

In the most recent episode of Crumbl Unboxed, Kadee Jo Jones is joined by Mrs. Utah American, Jamie Hadfield. The two share their love of cookies over the first flavors of Spooky Season and remind viewers of Crumbl’s Utah roots.