Crumbl Cookies, a fast-growing cookie bakery chain, has expanded to 111 operating storefronts in 20 states in just three years, making it the third largest brick-and-mortar cookie company in the nation.

Going into its fourth year in business, Crumbl plans to expand its offerings and reach with dozens of new stores, enhanced features and exciting new products. The company currently offers a 120+ weekly rotating flavor menu with four specialty cookies each week, along with the standard favorites such as chocolate chip and chilled sugar.

“Our first store opened in Logan, Utah during September 2017,” says Sawyer Hemsley, Crumbl chief operating officer and co-founder. “From day one, we’ve focused on bringing friends and family together over the best box of cookies in the world. Three years later, we are still committed to that mission.”

This week, Crumbl is celebrating its birthday in a variety of ways, including:

  • Monday, September 21 — Upgrade to the Crumbl loyalty program
  • Tuesday, September 22 — Nationwide Free Cookie Day: Guests can download the app and receive a free milk chocolate chip cookie at any Crumbl location
  • Wednesday, September 23 — A live Online Crumbl Birthday Party, where guests could experience a tour of Crumbl’s new headquarters, fun giveaways and more via an Instagram and Facebook live.
  • Thursday, September 24 — 111 $80 Swag Set Giveaways: Guests can like their store’s local Facebook page, leave a Facebook review and be entered to win an $80 Crumbl swag set.
  • Friday, September 25 — Pink Cookie Cutter Release: A new, limited-time Crumbl product, now available for purchase.
  • Saturday, September 26 — Last Chance for birthday flavors: Guests can order for takeout, delivery or curbside pick-up to indulge in the pink velvet birthday flavor and celebratory birthday #pinkbox.

“We have honored our Crumbl customers, communities and crew members nationwide during this week’s milestone,” says Jason McGowan, Crumbl co-founder and chief executive officer. “This level of growth in such a short time-span wouldn’t have been possible without them.”