Since co-owner Janice Jucker was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, Houston’s Three Brothers Bakery has held an annual bake sale the entire month of October to raise funds for Susan G. Komen, which focuses on funding research and helping those in treatment for breast cancer.

Starting Sunday, October 1, 50 percent of the proceeds of pink ribbon baked goods from all Three Brothers Bakery stores and its website will go towards Janice’s Race for the Cure fundraising efforts.

Janice Jucker was the tenth person on her mother’s maternal side to be diagnosed with breast cancer and recently a dear family member on her father’s side was recently diagnosed.

“Since my cousin was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, it made me even more motivated to help raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer or at a minimum to be sure everyone can survive the disease,” Jucker says.

All of Three Brothers Bakery’s pink ribbon baked goods can be viewed online, and interested individuals can donate to the cause directly here.