Innovative whipped cream brand Whipnotic has announced the release of two new flavors: Brownie Batter and Peach Mango. These swirls are KETO-friendly, gluten-free, artificial flavor-free and have only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar per decadent serving. All four flavors (including originals Strawberry Swirl and Vanilla Salted Caramel launched earlier this year) are available today at retail and on Whipnotic’s website.

“Whipped cream is stealing the scene and we're thrilled to play a disruptive role in propelling this trend into the future,” says Whipnotic co-founder and chief executive officer Lori Gitomer. “If you’re a chocolate fan, Brownie Batter is out of this world on everything from ice cream to cappuccino. Peach Mango is perfection on morning pancakes, fresh fruit or your favorite pie, cobbler or cocktail. We had so much fun dreaming up these whipped cream flavors for our fans, now the confectionary creativity is in your hands.”

Brownie Batter pairs a rich cocoa batter blend with sweet airy cream. Peach Mango infuses fresh mangoes with sweet ripe peaches.

“Whipped cream is the perfect blank canvas for highly sensorial eating experiences,” says Whipnotic co-founder and president Tracy Luckow, who holds a PhD in Sensory Science and Nutrition. “Fans are whipping up such whimsical and inspired culinary creations, the versatility is stunning. Whipnotic doesn’t just look beautiful it wows with flavor, so press that nozzle, the sky’s the limit.”

Whipnotic has innovated in the category with a patented nozzle designed by sisters Luckow and Gitomer. The company holds a global patent with more than 30 claims for the breakthrough packaging innovation which enables a user to control the combination of two different flavors, colors, textures or ingredients for an elevated, on-demand experience.