The King Arthur Flour Company is proud to sponsor the second-annual Kneading Conference West, taking place in Mount Vernon, Washington, this Sept. 13-15. The conference features three days of hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speakers addressing everything from whole grains and transparency in labeling to earth-oven construction, from growing grains at home to baking in a wood-fired oven.

King Arthur Flour also sponsors The Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, Maine, which just completed its sixth year.

“King Arthur Flour is committed to quality, education, and stewardship,” says Marketing Director Tom Payne. “The Kneading Conference and Kneading Conference West provide exciting opportunities to be at the forefront of developing sustainable, regional grain systems, and we’re pleased to both educate and learn at these unique regional events.”

The Kneading Conferenceand Kneading Conference West bring together professional and home bakers, grain farmers and millers, wood-fired-oven enthusiasts, food entrepreneurs and writers, and others to learn the artistry and science of artisan baking from seed to loaf. The purpose is to build relationships among people who, by exchanging skills, experiences, and ideas, will invigorate the rebuilding of regional grain systems.