The National Honey Board is celebrating National Honey Month in September by announcing its partners for the Honey Saves Hives program, which spotlights the importance of honey bees through made-with-honey products – the purchase of which supports honey bee health, beekeepers, our diverse food supply and our environment.

Honey Saves Hives partners include:

  • Caledonia Spirits – Maker of award-winning gin and vodka with honey
  • Frönen – Dairy-free ice cream maker that uses honey
  • Justin’s – Leading nut butter brand that is dedicated to honey bee health
  • Kate’s Real Food – Uses honey in its complete line of clean label food bars
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers – Its popular Honey Kookies deliver a clean label graham cracker snack
  • Sprecher Brewery – One of the best ranked root beers in the world, made with honey

In September and throughout the year, Honey Saves Hives partners will promote the important role of honey bees and beekeepers. Honey bees are responsible for more than 35 percent of the foods we eat and the honey that we enjoy. As honey bee populations continue to face challenges and experience rates of decline, protecting these pollinators is becoming even more crucial to our ecosystem and food supply.

“We are honored to partner with organizations that share our mission of protecting honey bees, and in turn, our food supply,” says Catherine Barry, National Honey Board vice president of marketing. “I encourage consumers to grab these brands’ delicious made-with-honey products the next time they’re at the supermarket.”

In addition to working with major food and beverage brands to promote honey bee health, the National Honey Board allocates five percent of its annual revenue to honey bee health research, administered by Project Apis m.

The National Honey Board is also partnering with renowned chef and television personality Carla Hall for the program.

“For years, honey has been a staple ingredient in my kitchen because it is wholesome, pure and delicious. As a chef, I commit to using real honey wherever I can, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this initiative that combines the power of education and action,” says Carla Hall. “I encourage everyone to support nature’s finest work, the honey bees and the beekeepers that work hard to take care of them.”