Over the past couple years, French macarons have begun to infiltrate American bakery cases. At the 2012 Europain show in Paris, France, the deilcate cookie was seen in a multitude of varieties and uses. From eye-catching colors to pastry toppers, you can find a million different ways to use the French macaron. Here are just a few ideas:




  • Fill the inside with cream and whole pieces of fruit, such as raspberries or cherries.
  • Use one side of the sandwich to top a pastry or cake.
  • Showcase macarons in small, medium and large sizes.
  • Prepackage mini macarons in a variety of colors.
  • Add finishing touches such as sprinkles.
  • Use them as cake decorations on the top or around the sides of a round cake.
  • Stack mini macarons on top of large ones for an upsell.
  • Place macrons in your showcase between more complex pastries to add a simple accessory to the case.