Lady M Confections has announced that it has launched the Lemon Yuzu Tart ($90), now available in its New York and Los Angeles boutiques for a limited time.

Capturing the essence of summer in every bite, the Lemon Yuzu Tart is creamy and tangy with a hint of subtle sweetness. Velvety lemon custard infused with fresh lemon zest delicately sits atop a layer of almond cream and a buttery tart crust.

The tart is then finished with soft whipped cream and a refreshing lemon yuzu jelly infused with Italian lemon peel.

Another fruit-based confection available at Lady M’s New York boutiques is the Oishii Omakase Berry Mille Crêpes ($98), featuring luscious pastry cream between each layer of handmade crêpes to the sponge cake center. It’s finished with whole Omakase Berries surrounded by berry-infused cream.