Iconic sweet baked goods brand Entenmann’s has announced that it is transforming its line of Entenmann’s Minis to Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights. The transition was implemented to ensure the name, branding and positioning reinforce the equity and heritage of the Entenmann’s brand to a new generation of consumers.

“As a brand founded by an authentic baker who took joy in baking for others, we wanted to ensure the new look and feel of Baker’s Delights remained true to the brand’s roots while allowing us to authentically connect with and be present in the everyday lives of our consumers,” says Catherine Danielowich, senior brand manager at Entenmann’s. “The use of ‘baker’ in the name reinforces the brand’s heritage and high-quality products made with care, while ‘delights’ emulates a positive taste experience and appreciation for those everyday moments where consumers are looking for a delicious, fresh, and convenient snack.”

In addition to a new name, logo and overall look and feel, Entenmann’s is integrating NaviLens Technology on its retail boxes, which helps visually impaired people find products by hearing their name, nutrition and allergen information, allowing them to shop more independently. Users can download the NaviLens GO App from the App Store or Google Play. Entenmann’s is the first sweet baked goods brand to partner with NaviLens on this technology.

Each Entenmann’s Baker’s Delights box, available in classic flavors ranging from Crumb Cake to Apple Snack Pies, comes with six to eight individually-wrapped mini snacks. They are available at most major retailers.