Luxury confections brand Lady M is introducing its newest creation, the Guava Mille Crêpes ($108), available now for shipping and in select boutiques. 

Inspired by the iconic Hawaiian Guava Cake, the Guava Mille Crêpes is an ideal summertime treat. This dessert features a guava jam center nestled within layers of delicate strawberry sponge cake, all hugged by signature handcrafted crêpes and guava-infused cream cheese pastry cream. Each cake is finished with a vibrant guava glaze.

Lady M recently teamed up with Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical Some Like It Hot to create another limited-time dessert, Blueberry Sugar Shortcake ($93), available for a limited time at select boutiques. It features wild blueberries from France, delicate vanilla sponge cake, fresh whipped cream, a hint of blackberry and a luscious blueberry cream cheese center to compliment the ensemble of fruity flavors.