Bright, sparkling colors are the all the rage within the ever-changing world of cake decorating. Walk into any panadería in Southern California, for example, and the evidence is clear. Deep greens, sharp reds, and rich yellows are popular everywhere, leading to soaring sales for upcoming spring celebrations and family holiday events.

At San Antonio Bakery in Compton, California, the latest cake creations feature original designs from the shop’s pastry chef Alondra Roman, who creates intricate circular piping patterns on top of round cakes or quarter-sheet cakes topped with an abundance of fresh fruit slices (strawberries, kiwifruit, oranges and pineapple).

Acacia Bakery in San Pedro, California, added colorful cakes after current owner Alfredo Bran bought the business in 2007 and expanded it, doubling in size.

“We offer a variety of modern cakes because that’s what our customers want,” Bran says.

Many of the cakes at Acacia Bakery feature fresh fruit on top. Orange slices, blueberries, and strawberries adorn the tops of quarter-sheet cakes, as well as chocolate pieces with fresh fruit on others.

In addition to introducing new flavors on 8-and 10-inch round cakes, Brizuela’s Bakery in Anaheim, California, is busy making smaller cakes than before.

“Normally we would have quarter sheets,” explains owner Jose Avalos. “Then with COVID, people wanted smaller cakes. A lot of people still want smaller cakes, and 8-inch rounds are now our most popular size.”