Managing your food costs requires a diligent review of your bakery production methods and formulations. Fortunately, examining the costs of the bakery ingredients you rely on every day is made simpler by continuous advances made on the supply side.

Corbion offers prime examples of how innovation can transform your production process. Here are three examples:

  • Reduce oil content in your formula.
  • Maintain essential functionality.
  • Satisfy consumer demands for simpler labels.

“We are looking back at a shift to innovation, and clean label is strongly back on the table,” points out Abby Ceule, Corbion's senior director of ingredient solutions.

New innovations from Corbion include Vantage 2060, which assists you in the ability to get emulsifiers off the label.

“This product enables you to find clean label solutions and save costs,” Ceule says. “Being mindful of cost is still an issue.”

The facts are that the cost of vital wheat gluten is nowhere near where we were three years ago, when it was more than double the cost.

Corbion is continuing to double down and find new solutions in this space, explains Ceule, and adding the obvious factor that the consumer cost of going to the grocery stores has gone up.

Optimizing bowl costs

At the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) in 2022, Corbion shared solutions for dough strengthening, protecting and preserving freshness and optimizing bowl costs. Featured products included:

  • Ultra Fresh® – This tiered portfolio offers a variety of solutions for increased moistness, resilience and softness.
  • Pristine® 3000 – The most robust dough conditioning innovation from Corbion to date, Pristine 3000 enables bakers to overcome common quality hurdles such as wheat protein inconsistencies without relying on gluten supplementation and traditional solutions like DATEM.
  • Vantage 2060 – Available regionally, enzyme-based Vantage 2060 makes it possible to reduce oils and hard fats by up to 60% and can be used alongside other dough improvers and ESL solutions for easy formulation.

Corbion introduced an enzyme-based solution called Vantage 2060 to help bakers deliver consistently high-quality products while eliminating use of mono- and diglycerides, as many label-focused shoppers prefer. The solution makes it possible to reduce oils and hard fats by up to 60% (with or without mono- and diglycerides), thereby helping lower bakers’ exposure to volatility in raw material pricing.

With widespread supply chain issues and raw material pricing volatility challenging bakers to profitably deliver consistent product quality, Corbion introduces a consumer-friendly solution that allows significant reduction of oil content while retaining crucial functionality in baked goods. Vantage 2060 enables bakers to decrease use of costly oils and even reduce or replace mono- and diglycerides while maintaining both bowl cost and performance in terms of sliceability and stackability.

Oils and fats have always played a major role in helping bakers maintain consistent quality and predictable performance in baked goods. But volatile pricing and security of supply issues in these materials have the industry looking for ways to lower oil content without losing all-important functionality. Corbion’s Vantage 2060 can be used to reduce oil content by up to 60% with or without the presence of mono- and diglycerides.

The results speak for themselves.

Corbion tested Vantage 2060 in commercial bread in both low and high oil formulations. Product containing Vantage 2060 maintained a softer texture yet stronger crumb resilience throughout shelf life, allowing you to reduce oil usage, without impacting quality or slice-ability.

Vantage 2060 also supports bakers who want to respond to the growing number of label-focused consumers looking for products with simpler, more understandable formulations. Although many have been reluctant to replace mono- and diglycerides because of their usefulness in achieving important characteristics – crumb softness and resilience, grain structure, loaf volume, sliceability and stackability – Vantage 2060 replicates the critical functionality of mono- and diglycerides and is easily implemented in existing formulas. It also performs well in conjunction with Corbion’s Pristine® 3000 and our Ultra Fresh® portfolio.

Among bakers’ concerns has been that lowering oil and/or mono- and diglycerides would result in the gumming-up of slicers in commercial, multi-dough runs, torn product and product that collapses too easily when stacked. But functionally, Vantage 2060 mimics the performance bakers are used to getting from oils and mono- and diglycerides, while helping to stabilize bowl costs.

Vantage 2060 performs well in conjunction with Pristine® 3000 and our Ultra Fresh® portfolio delivering additional benefits such as bread softness, resilience and volume.

Clean label focus

It is important for bakers to lessen oil and gluten. Bakers have to balance it out.

“While these (our products) are powerful solutions, our technical service is critical,” Ceule emphasizes. “Replacing oils with enzymes gives you a better chance of insulating from peaks and valleys. Shelf life is definitely the sweet spot.”

She points out that Corbion’s solutions offer you the ability to increase shelf life beyond other enzyme solutions.

Informed, health-conscious consumers are spending more time reading labels and searching for healthy solutions that don't compromise on taste or the eating experience.

If you’re looking for clean label baking solutions that remove unfriendly conditioners and oxidation systems – and all with a cleaner ingredient declaration, then look no further than Corbion’s Pristine® family of branded bases, mixes, and functional ingredients.

Corbion’s Pristine family helps you tackle this growing trend by delivering both a fresh product and fresh ideas for developing baked goods with more user-friendly ingredient statements.

Corbion’s application team and technical services group works closely with customers to develop formulas free of unwanted ingredients like azodicarbonamide (ADA). Supported by the very latest technologies, Corbion tailors its approach to your own specific needs and infrastructure. The results are clean label formulas produced as efficiently and profitably as possible.