Due to social media health messages, manufacturers are looking for ways to offer traditional findings with a healthy twist. 

In October, Barry Callebaut, Chicago, announced its reimagining of the making of chocolate. Its Cocoa Cultivation & Craft principle recognizes the special qualities of each cocoa bean to reveal their flavor nuances. This second-generation chocolate highlights purity with dark chocolate made of cocoa and sugar and milk chocolate made only of cocoa, milk and sugar to create chocolate that contains 50% less sugar than most consumed chocolates across the world, according to the company. 

Nostalgic favorites continue to see a revamp for the wellness-conscious consumer, resulting in a mash-up of indulgence and quality ingredients. Whole Foods’ Retro Remix 2023 trend predicts a continuation of comfort foods from times past with consideration for special diets. 

Attributes with the most growth in the bakery category include non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, no preservatives and vegan, according to IRI. Although there continues to be an explosion of innovation surrounding the better-for-you and lifestyle diets in meal-related bakery, freshly baked takes priority. ABA found 50% of consumers identified ‘freshly baked’ or ‘baked daily’ as the most important production claims.