Hobart introduces the FreshXpress™ Omni Channel Order Fulfillment Software. This solution integrates omni channel retail orders with fresh department operations. Orders for items are deployed directly to the scale streamlining the order fulfillment process and increasing department efficiency. Designed to be integrated with existing web infrastructure, the FreshXpress app is a flexible, intuitive interface that allows fresh departments to meet consumer needs even faster.

Grocery stores are continually developing new ways for customers to shop more quickly and efficiently. Fresh departments like deli or meat often experience long customer wait times as these areas offer customized products ordered to meet consumers’ requests. There are several ways today a customer can order such as online for curbside pick-up, delivery or in-store pick-up or in person with take-a-number option or kiosk ordering.

Today, retailers use various ways to manage these electronic orders. The Hobart solution is the only software available that will deploy the order directly to the scale without operator intervention no matter where it originates.

The FreshXpress retail scale app integrates omni channel retail orders and streamlines the order fulfillment process, increasing department efficiency and improving customer satisfaction. This means reduced lines at the counter and all orders are electronically stored securing the information and eliminating the need for paper. 

“Fresh and quick is key to our customers’ success and this new solution offers fresh departments greater visibility to incoming orders. Our new software creates a streamlined process so operators are visually notified of the order and can fulfill in just a few keystrokes,” said Hobart product line manager of weigh wrap Sheila Campbell. “Today’s consumer has many ordering options, and this new software will take fresh department order fulfillment to the next level by eliminating separate devices and non-value add process steps so operators can stay focused on serving customers quickly and efficiently.”

Designed, created and supported in the United States, the FreshXpress software provides an industry benchmark for fulfillment services with advanced features designed to keep operations running smoothly such as:

Increase Efficiency - Operators are notified at the scale of incoming orders ensuring orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Simplify Operations – Streamlines the flow of information from online orders directly to the fresh department.  Incoming orders are deployed directly to the scale eliminating the need for a separate device in the department.

Reduce Shrink - The scale logs the order and transactional data for future analysis helping with more accurate production planning and inventory control.

Reduce Errors – As the operator fulfills a line item, the PLU is automatically populated on the scale, reducing keystrokes and ensuring accuracy.

Increase Revenue – Because orders can be fulfilled more quickly, lines at the fresh counter are reduced increasing customer satisfaction and allowing more capacity for additional orders.

To learn more about the new Hobart FreshXpress Omni Channel Order Fulfillment Software, visit User account | Hobart (hobartcorp.com)