New from CakeSafe, the Tier Ruler takes the guesswork out of stacking and centering tiers. It also allows you to choose dowel placement with precision and ease. This 14-inch clear acrylic board is marked at every inch increment with a perimeter of small holes. Using a toothpick or bamboo skewer, mark an indent in your icing or fondant where you will be placing a top tier and/or dowels.

The Tier Ruler will save you time and give precise results, so your tiered cakes are structurally sound.

There is also a center hole in the Tier Ruler so you can mark the center of any cake board, drum, or base in less than a second. It is 14 inches wide, and 1/8 inch thick. The device is handwash only. Store the Tier Ruler flat.

CakeSafe is a family owned and operated business in Peace Dale, Rhode Island. Owners Juli and Scott Chapin met in 1983 when Juli moved to RI to attend Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute. They discovered a shared love for Rhode Island, life on the water, and along the way, a passion for using their talents to create. Juli opened a successful wedding cake business in 1986 and in the early stages she realized that moving a large wedding cake can be extremely stressful! Scott came up with the idea for the original CakeSafe and built the first one in 1989. They are still using CakeSafes to move all the cakes Juli makes for shows all over the country. Since Juli began using CakeSafes she has not had a single damaged cake due to transport.