The Bake Fest, a virtual event featuring hands-on virtual baking and business classes taught by experts as well as a real-time marketplace for bakers, has announced its first ever Sweets Swap. Described as an “office Secret Santa, but much tastier,” the Swap is an opportunity for members of The Bake Fest community to see and taste holiday sweets from fellow bakers.

When participants sign up, they’ll be assigned a secret match. They will bake up a batch of their favorite treats, package them up and send them off to their match. When each individual gets their sweets, they’re encouraged to share a picture of them on social media.

In lieu of a sign-up fee, The Bake Fest is suggesting a $10 donation to charity: water. By giving to charity: water, individuals can help provide clean water to those who need it most and support important work in protecting our environment. Through this initiative, The Bake Fest hopes to raise $1,000 to provide safe water to 25 people who desperately need it.

The deadline to sign up for the Sweets Swap is Wednesday, November 30. Matches will be revealed on Friday, December 2, and Friday, December 9 will be the deadline to ship sweets. Participants must live in the United States. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of their skill level or whether they’ve attended The Bake Fest.

More details about shipping sweet treats can be found at The Bake Fest’s website.