During major election seasons, Houston, Texas-based Three Brothers Bakery will hold cookie polls to see what its customers prefer. With the 2022 election featuring a race for Texas Governor, the bakery held another of its famous cookie polls.

This year’s race featured Republican incumbent Greg Abbott facing Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke. Although Abbott is likely to win the gubernatorial election with most precincts reporting, his challenger was actually favored in Three Brothers Bakery’s informal poll.

During Presidential Cookie Polls conducted by the bakery previously, conservative area cookie poll tallies voted for the Republican candidates, and the stores in Democratic areas saw voting for the Democratic candidates. This poll changed that, with the conservative areas voting for the Democratic candidate by huge margins.

The bakery offered two cookie flavors – gingerbread dipped in white chocolate with a caricature of the candidate or sugar cookie flooded with royal icing and the caricature.