With the first 2024 presidential debate set to take place on Thursday, June 27, Three Brothers Bakery in Houston has brought back its popular Presidential Cookie Poll for another election cycle.

Beginning with the 2012 Barack Obama/Mitt Romney election, the bakery has been running this “scientific poll” to see if its poll tracks with the actual results. Starting in 2016, a team member has drawn caricatures of the candidates on the cookies. While the presidential candidates for this year may be the same as 2020, the cookie poll just got a major refresh with brand new caricatures.

This year, Three Brothers Bakery is offering the opportunity to vote across the entire country as it will be shipping the cookies for the first time with a minimum order of six cookies.  

“Perhaps now the campaign will be a true reflection of the feelings of the entire country vs. just Houston, plus we all need to come together and just have some fun,” says Bobby Jucker, fifth-generation baker and co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery.

There are three candidates that will be voted on in the poll – Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the bakery’s endorsement, its mascot Gingy.

“The poor guy always runs for President and even Governor, but he never seems to get past third place,” Jucker says.

Each week totals will be posted on the bakery’s Facebook page. The cookies are available for shipping now and can be purchased online or beginning Wednesday, June 26 at any of the bakery’s four stores.