Reese’s and its fictional University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is offering some of the most unique exclusive NIL contracts by signing 12 college football athletes with the last name “Reese.” The brand’s Reese-named team players receive Reese’s Footballs and cups for the season and themed gear, including: 

  • Reese’s Reese Chain – An ambassadors-only gold chain and pendant 
  • Custom Game Day Blazer – A custom-tailored blaze orange Team Reese travel blazer 
  • Cup-links – A pair of custom cufflinks in the legendary cup shape 
  • Football Locker Fridge – A mini fridge custom-made to fit into a locker to keep Reese’s Footballs at the perfect temperature 

“If anyone knows what snack in college football is the best, it’s going to be this team of athletes and it’s going to be Reese’s Footballs,” says Reese’s athletic director, PB Letterman. “Like I always say, the name on the front of the jersey is very important, but the name on the back can be great too.” 

Supporters and players alike can join in on the fun by purchasing their own Reese’s Footballs. The iconic chocolate and peanut butter flavors take shape to form a football and make for a worthy snack to bring to the next big game. The football-shaped cups are a limited-time offering, available nationwide.

The Team Reese lineup includes: 

  • Andrew Reese, Defensive Back, Delaware State University 
  • Brody Reese, Defensive Lineman, University of Tulsa 
  • Cameron Reese, Defensive End, Troy University 
  • Courtney Reese, Running Back, University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
  • David Reese, Linebacker, University of Florida 
  • James Reese IV, Defensive Back, Tennessee State University 
  • John Reese Bellew, Safety, Auburn University 
  • Max Reese, Tight End, Eastern Michigan University 
  • Michael Reese, Defensive End, Duke University 
  • Otis Reese, Safety, University of Mississippi 
  • Quinton Reese, Safety, Liberty University 
  • Richard Reese, Running Back, Baylor University 

Team Reese will champion Reese’s Footballs all season long by sharing with fans what it means to be part of the best team in college football via the Reese’s University Instagram and players’ social media accounts.