Whether you are making puff pastry or croissants, you must have the perfect dough for consistency, flavor, and texture. If your dough is inconsistent, the end product will not look tempting, and may not even taste good.

When it comes to the best dough for all types of baking applications, BakeMark’s product line of laminated dough has you covered. You can find laminated dough sheets, slabs, and square for croissants, puff pastry turnovers, cinnamon rolls, and other bakery items.

Looking forward, what is important to recognize is that bakery shoppers are becoming more adventurous, as the country loosens restrictions and consumption behaviors begin to return to normal, as the effects of the pandemic subside.

The restrictions of the past two years have done little to dampen consumers’ desires to explore new foods and cuisines. 76% of consumers surveyed considered themselves adventurous eaters. This sense of adventures appeals both at home and in restaurants. 84% said they enjoy being creative with ingredients. 

The food and beverage industry has gone through tremendous change over the past 12 months. 2021 has shown us that this industry can adapt quickly and pivot in the face of adversity. But what lies ahead for 2022? 

Joan Driggs, vice president, Content and Thought Leadership, IRI, presented findings on 2022 consumers values that reveal people are seeking out four distinct things.

  • Premium and indulgent
  • Convenience
  • Health and wellness
  • Sustainable

“Habits have been formed, and we have a whole new generation of cooks. More people are staying at home to work. We have a lot of new consumption habits,” she points out.

In 2021, restaurants came back, but not necessarily at the expense of at-home cooking,” explained Jim Kabbani, chief executive officer, Tortilla Industry Association. “What we’re seeing now is a situation where retail and at-home tortilla consumption remains strong, while foodservice has come back. And the additive result of those two trends is an overall increase in consumption.”

Flatbreads, in particular, are gaining popularity. Total retail dollar sales for tortillas and flatbreads were steady at just under $3.8 billion, according to IRI data for the 52 weeks ending Dec. 26, 2021. Tortilla sales were stable,, while flatbread sales rose 4.8% to $365 million. 

Most of the growth for tortillas and flatbreads was in the perimeter/fresh food area, with sales jumping 8% to roughly $256 million.

“That fresh area is only 7% of tortilla and flatbread sales, so it’s very small, but it’s growing faster than in aisle,” explained Melissa Altobelli, principal, client insights, dairy and bakery vertical, IRI. “That’s because a lot of self-serve areas are open now, and also consumers are going out and celebrating more, buying products for parties or holidays.”