Spring is almost here, and the team at Bay Area doughnut shop Johnny Doughnuts is celebrating the season with a re-launch of its popular passion fruit doughnut that first took social media by storm last year.

This limited-time doughnut flavor is created with Johnny Doughnuts’ classic raised dough with a light and refreshing passion fruit glaze.

Additionally, Johnny Doughnuts is partnering with Longway California – a local and ethically-sourced clothing store and cafe. Johnny Doughnuts is currently supplying fresh doughnut deliveries every weekend to Longway's flagship location. The current menu includes:

  • Classic Raised Dough (Glazed, Chocolate Sprinkley Guy, Vanilla Sprinkley Guy)
  • Old-Fashioned Dough (Chocolate Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Maple)
  • Wheat-Free (Fritter Thang)
  • Vegan (Chocolate Glazed)

Johnny Doughnuts is known for its use of local, organic ingredients, vegan and wheat free options. Founded in 2012, it now has four brick-and-mortar locations across the Bay area and Sonoma County.