A new mitt on the market looks to make life a little more germ free, especially with the current emphasis on enhanced cleanliness in retail industries. Fend Wellness Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts are the first wearable hand wipes that provide a protective liner between the user and all surfaces that come in contact with their hands.

This multi-use sanitizing mitt kills germs and 99.9% of bacteria on hands with its 75% alcohol sanitizing solution – ideal for sanitizing efforts and fending off bacteria. They also don’t dry out hands, as each one-size-fits most mitt has a comfortable liner to create a barrier around the hands and keep them completely insulated from whatever is being touched.

Originally conceived by two Philadelphia natives who recognized the need for an easy-to-use sanitizing wipe that protects the entire hand, Fend Wellness’ antibacterial hand wipe mitts launched in May 2021. To date they have sold 15,000+ units.

The mitts are conveniently available on Amazon Prime with free shipping and via Faire but the company is pursuing retail and hospitality partnerships to make the mitts accessible for on the go and while traveling. This new mitt reduces the number of wipes needed and makes it easy to keep hands safe and sanitize on the go.