Many people use Pinterest to predict the future. The social media platform has been very successful in recent years with reflecting what is trending in society in a variety of categories, including food, beauty, fashion, travel and much more.

In fact, in 2021, Pinterest reports that 8 out of 10 of its predictions for the year came true according to its search data. For its annual Pinterest Predicts report, which the platform describes as “a not-yet-trending report—a window into the future, from the place where people go to plan it,” several big trends will look to take hold in the coming weeks and months.

In the food world, cake will be a priority. Pinterest says that people will craft elaborate cakes to express whatever mood they’re in. This will include such categories as:

  • Gravity defying cake ideas (+70%)
  • Unusual cakes (+2x)
  • Art cake ideas (+3x)
  • Bubble cake ideas (+55%)
  • 3D cake ideas (+60%)

These trending cake terms are especially popular among Millennials, Gen X and Boomers, an overwhelming majority of the cake purchasers in the United States. Cake bakers can appeal to these consumers by using interest and keyword targeting to provide people with extraordinary cakes that will stand out from the crowd.

Many bakery visitors may even enjoy a slice of cake with a cup of tea. Another Pinterest trend sees afternoon tea becoming the new happy hour. Searches for “tea party aesthetic” and “drinking tea pose” are climbing across all age groups. Some of the ways Americans will look to accentuate their tea time include tea sandwiches and hot tea bombs, a variation of the hot cocoa bomb trend from 2021.