Consumers are more inquisitive about the authenticity of their products, according to Paul Baker, founder of St Pierre Bakery. That’s part of the reason St Pierre resonates with consumers – using an authentic French recipe for quality brioche.

The latest Nielsen data shows a significant uplift in the in-store bakery of artisan breads – a sector currently worth more than $600 million to US bakery.

Next year, Baker points out, while it might not be thought of as traditional fresh bread, there are already signs of the take-and-bake category growing – “it’s perhaps one to watch.”


“Millennials are more exploratory in their tastes and account for a huge proportion of the consumer food market. The idea that certain flavors or foods are ‘not for me’ is fading – new flavors are easier to try and consumers are driving the demand for weird, wonderful and whimsical combinations. The ‘foodie elitism’ that we might have encountered a few years back is no longer a factor,” he points out.

St Pierre can attest to this. Brioche is now widely recognized as a way to elevate everyday meals – recreating restaurant quality at home. St. Pierre is the number one brioche brand in America and has grown 16 percent year on year.

“Brioche is made with an enriched dough, it’s light and sweet and American palettes are already accustomed to sweeter flavor profiles,” Baker points out. “Brioche is in growth – up 25 percent year on year and now worth $332 million to US bakery (Nielsen to 9th October ’21).”

The core range continues to perform well for St Pierre Bakery. The range of Brioche Burger Buns, Hot Dog Rolls, Sliders and Sliced Loaf are staples for in-store bakery shoppers now.

“Next year, we’ll be looking at ways to ensure the same great-tasting range, caters to multiple shopping audiences,” Baker says. “We are reviewing pack sizes to ensure that there is a product to suit all household sizes, allowing everyone to elevate everyday meals at home.

“We’re also securing new listings nationwide on our Brioche bagel, which launched in October. So far, the combination of a bakery classic with the taste profile of Brioche has been well received. We’ll be continuing to drive trial of the bagel and our whole range to secure further distribution next year.”