Discover the food industry of tomorrow and tailor your offerings to consumers’ new habits thanks to 300 innovations featured at Sirha Lyon, set for Sept. 23-27 in Lyon, France. To make it easier to review the market, the Food Service Vision partner has decrypted the innovations that are promoted in the Sirha Innovations sections, with five territories: Well-being, Awareness, Territoriality, Experience and Functional.

Sirha Innovation Awards


Bord à Bord / Algue Service Japanese nomad seaweed salad

Bridor Pains Cuisinés, a surprising fusion of bakery and gastronomy

La Compagnie des desserts Sucre Positif desserts

La Maison Nordique Vodka Orb x Caviar, Vodka infused with Caviar

Manioca Amazon Forest Flavors Tucupi - Natural fermentation seasoning from the Amazon

St Michel Biscuits Bouchées salées, madeleines as a savory recipe

Valrhona Oabika-Valrhona, cocoa bean juice concentrate

Berry Graines Mélange du Potager de Marion

Biodynamizer Biodynamizer, a device that replicates the natural cycle of water
Deglon Push & Pull pie server
Rational France iVario Pro, multifunction cooking system using contact heating
Safexis Europe Natexair ADS, a new solution to prevent virus propagation