No one seems to be hiring -- no one, that is, except, helping to bring loving Grandmas to families everywhere. In addition to legendary cooking and baking, Grandmas have incredible patience, trust, knowledge, talent, and decades of experience. Grandmas have always been the glue that holds families together. is a revolutionary concept for quality domestic staffing needs. Every Grandma is a mature woman who is only the most professional, experienced staff and meets the standards customers will demand for their own Grandmas. is pleased to announce the ability of families everywhere to search its extensive online database of experienced Grandmas.

The website also has a page where consumers can order 1-pound tins of grandma’s favorite chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies.

RentAGrandma sets a standard unequaled in the industry. RentAGrandma's carefully screened Grandmas possess the wisdom and knowledge that only comes with life experience. And, its Grandmas don't text or tweet while watching your kids!

Todd Pliss, the founder/CEO, a former "studio teacher" whom has worked with children in the entertainment industry, brainstormed the idea after hearing many of the parents on sets complain about how difficult it was to find competent staff and after listening to their horrific tales of the help they had hired, often the local college kid. Another benefit, explains Pliss, "Many Grandmas, after experiencing age discrimination, with tears in their eyes, have thanked us."

RentAGrandmas are:


Baby care

House care



Pet Care

Personal Assistants


RentAGrandma has a record number of Grandmas, a huge talent pool, in so many fields. Why not hire those Grandmas and make our lives better? Hire Grandmas with trust and patience to care and nurture our loved ones?

Let this be a Call to Action to all Grandmas out there to come and join the movement, come join now!

Grandmas should visit, click on "Be A Grandma," and, when prompted, enter the promo code: Grandma.